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Is stress, depression, addiction, family problems or other concerns affecting your personal or professional life?

Counseling can help you learn more effective ways to handle these issues. Whether you are seeking counseling, psychotherapy, medication or a combination therapy, InHealth provides a wide range of excellent counseling and mental health services by well trained, qualified and licensed professionals.

We are a comprehensive private practice that has served the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area for more than fifteen years.  Working as a team, our board-certified psychiatrist and counselors will develop a care plan to fit your unique needs.

Help is just a phone call away.  Call InHealth today.

When to seek counseling...

Stress Related to major life transitions, job "burn-out", or general life overload

Addictive Behaviors Overuse of food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work; co-dependence or "loving too much."

Emotional Problems Grief, depression, excessive anger or jealousy, anxiety, phobias, or panic attacks

Relationship Problems Emotional, sexual or communication problems; divorce; difficulties in getting along with co-workers or initiating and/or maintaining relationships

Organizational Issues Individuals working at cross purposes to the goals of the group

Low Self-Esteem Feelings of insecurity, shyness, worthlessness; unhappiness with physical presence (overweight)

Family Issues Difficulty with parenting or step-family blending, aging parents, adult child of a dysfunctional family

Life's Challenges Personal and spiritual growth, career development, midlife crisis, women's issues and men's issues

Childhood Issues School and learning problems, attention difficulties, mood and conduct issues, educational placement

For general questions or concerns, please contact our office between
10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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